Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Most Beautiful Boot Ever

I nearly cried when I couldn't get these. They went from $399.00 to $100 bucks and when I purchased them online a couple of years ago, they didn't have any more in stock. I nearly cried..... it was that devastating. This is the most beautiful boot I've yet to set my eyes on and just like that they were gone.... I'm still upset about it.

When I saw these unique boots, I hesitated several times, wondering if the price tag would stop me. It's inevitable to find the most unique piece out there and me not purchase it. I love unique and it's rare for me to find something that hasn't been replicated and copied by another designer. This one takes the cake, have you seen a boot like this? Sorry the picture is so small, but I can't enlarge it, I grab the shot from a boutique online.

Gucci meets Matrix

I never shop Gucci for one main reason, the brand is out of my league. I understand a very successful movie star or anyone that can just toss 2-3 grand on a boot for an evening out with friends would do just fine. This beauty just screams gorgeous and taking up all the spot light in the process never mind who is wearing it. I'm not even sure any outfit can measure up to these. They are almost like something you would find Trinity wearing from the Matrix.

Jessica Simpson's Line or Steve Madden

I missed the sale on these pretty ruby's, I have the cutest cropped blazer that would've complimented them. I can't remember but I think these were by Steve Madden or possibly Jessica Simpson's line. Either way, they weren't too expensive to begin with but I'm a bargain shopper that missed the good deal on these. By the time I had checked for the sale, they were all gone. :( This style of boot would make such a classy entrance with the right outfit of coarse, but the outfit must never overtake the shoe. It is very important for the shoe to stand out.

Boutique Style Boot

I saw these in a boutique actually online and I can't even remember the name or brand for that matter, they were probably beyond expensive I can't imagine not taking the info down for any other reason. They are cute and have a very unique look to the lace on the side, I haven't seen a replica yet of this style.

I love My Apepazza boots

I love boots and when Nordstrom's rolled these out by Apepazza, I had my eye on them for month's just waiting for the sales rack to say, "you're up." I did get them at 70% off in my size! These were pretty expensive, but after my final price I was pretty happy. It's hard to get my size with a shoe at 70% off, it's all about being there at the right time. These are beautiful and they go with just about everything from skirts to cropped pants.

Anthro's boots

My favorite store in the world is Anthro, but I can only afford their sales rack. Most of their boots, pants and sweaters range from the high $200 dollar range and up, waiting for their sales is just torture. I fell in love with these boots when my eyes caught them and I'll never be able to own them either. $750 is just absurd even for a rich girl. I've come to learn how to admire beautiful shoes, because most of the time, I don't ever see anyone wearing what I admire most. I'm not the only one with a big wish list.

Antik Denim

This was one of my favorite boots that came out in the fall, it's by Antik Denim and was priced high, I just remember waiting for them to go on sale and once they did and at $100 bucks, my size ran out. That's what you get when you wait for a sale along with all the other sale whores.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Boots With Leg Warmers

What do you say when someone compliments your shoes but this same person owns some really crappy looking shoes. Should I be insulted? A comment coming from a person of no taste?

I loved it when Anthro came out with this look, the leg warmers over some rugged boots. Oh so stylish and cute, I was in search of the cutest leg warmers during the winter months but never came across a pair good enough to cover most of my boot. It's a shame, because this look is screaming for me to wear it. I shall try the look again in the fall. :) I have so many boots that can pull this look off, but it's the damn leg warmers, they must be cute like this one.

Mark Nason Boots

I wish I had $540.00 laying around for these beautiful bad babies by Mark Nason. I'm just saying not being rich has it's down side...