Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Xenia Boot

What a great idea? Just keep adding on to the boot and see what you come up with. it.

Liam Fahy's design

This is one truly magnificent looking beauty......

Inhales the admiration...

I want bad..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shopping For A Purse.... theory

I am picky with purses. I can't be one of those women that buy a purse monthly or even every 6 months or so. I am so picky about what I like in a purse that it really needs to scream at me from across the room in order for me to buy. I can't shop around for a purse because I rarely ever like what I see. I'm so picky that the only times I ever bought a purse was when I had no intention in going out to buy a purse it just happened to caught my eye as I was passing a department or store. There are so many ugly qualities I don't like about a purse

1.) That it has too much going on, pockets galore!
2.) It looks like a box, it doesn't bend or move when you sit it down.
3.) Great style, ugly color
4.) Great color ugly style
5.) Too Big, Too Small, Too bulky,
6.) I hate Grey or silver purses....not a suitable color for a purse
7.) Wrinkled up looking purse, fabric disaster
8.) Purses that don't pair up easily with a variety of clothes
9.) Logo Purses, I know Coach Is infamous for this, but I can't stand sporting logos it's pathetic.
I love Coach, but not the logo style of Coach.


Nanette Lapore

I love Nanette Lapore. Especially when these beautiful $475.00 dollar corset booties rolled out...


Betsy Johnsons Wool Felt Coat

I love Betsy Johnson, I really do. From shoes, coats, dresses, purses, belts....and on and on do I find some of the most unique pieces ever. I stumbled on this very mod looking coat from Betsy Jonson at Urban Outfitters online of all places. Love it, I love it. The sale cost $247? oye vay...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

For The Love Of Boutiques

So I'm not the only one that likes style, my little one gets to make a statement too. For the Love of Boutiques!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

George Simonton Couture Crystal Pleat Topper

Simply Gorgeous....

On sale now for $297.00

Robert Rodriguez and Leifsdottir's beautiful styles

I'm in love with Robert Rodriguez Black flowing top and Leifsdottir beautiful white vintage looking sweater....

Would someone lend me $1,000 dollars so I can buy these two? ;)
That's the sales price too...