Monday, March 30, 2009

Sergio Zelcer Tuxedo

With these shoes, I'd pair up these Haute Hippie Tux pants with this Diane Von Furstenberg top or Meghan Celeste top

This is my favorite shoe at the moment...

Poetic License

This Teri Jon silk dress with these shoes Poetic License Sandals would look too cute.

Naughty Monkey Spring Sandal

This Andrew marc Bianca jacket compliments these shoes for a night out on the town.
I love these sandals by naughty monkey, very cute.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ash "Mystic" Sandal

These are seriously jaw dropping beautiful! If you have short legs, don't even go there this is a long leg sandal. Everyone knows you don't want to take away from the length of the leg unless you got a heck of a lot of leg to spare for long boots or sandals in this case... I think if I had 3 more inches on me I can so do this look. 5'8 or taller can pull this look off and look amazing!

The Seychelles

I've wanted these for the longest time. There's absolutely nothing special about them, other than the fact I love a nice lace up boot that isn't too rugged like the combat boots but not too over done like a fashion princess boot. I wanted the most simple lace up boot with a nice size heel that I can strut around town all day long in and still be comfortable. I wanted a boot that looks good with skirt, dresses, capri's and pants. One that I can bring into spring with me without looking like it is strictly a winter boot. I know when it is time to put away the boots and bring out the sandals but there are a few boots out there that work out beautifully with the spring skirts and capris. This I believe is one of them. I have this boot in a nice rugged brown color. I'll get a picture of the boot I own and replace it with this one soon. They are by Seychelles. I love them!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Report vs. Steve Madden

Report Vs. Steve Madden....

Love them both... I would take them both just because the decision would be too hard. :)

Miss Sixty!

I love Miss Sixty's intro into Spring...