Monday, May 19, 2008

Wear The Crap Out Of Sandal

These are my wear the crap out of sandal. They go with everything. Than I have my classier sandals that make eyes turn, I must preserve them for special event use. You know how it goes...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

BCB Girls

Isn't this gorgeous?

Yet another shoe I admire and won't own because I haven't any more room for shoes.. :)

This is my style though....

Just to update this post, I went to try this shoe on and the heel is way too high at least a 4inch heel. I have a limit of 3 inches.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Paolo's Shoe Collection

Paolo's summer sandals have caught my eye.....

Top by Mike and Chris that really compliments these shoes.

Not that expensive either but since I'm all about finding the bargain, I would still wait for the sale on these lovelies..

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The life of a Shoe

I admire more than I buy these days, I have so many shoes that barely get worn. Unless it is a must have shoe or I have attempted to do a closet sweep I just don't buy. I have shoes that are like a decade old but are still new because I rarely ever wore them. I like these boots, but I've got other boots that are my prized possessions, I'll get my favorites up in another post.

The life of a shoe is vintage... :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

I love the wedge

These are my latest wear with most of my clothes. They fit the mold of everything goes. These will be my next wear the crap out of shoe. I finally gave up my last pair I owned. I had got these so cheap in a clearance catalogue but only because I had to return something and the store only gave me store credit instead of a refund.

The fashion taste that doesn't change...

I was ecstatic when I came along these babies by Nine West last year while out shopping with my mom. I love them to death. They are very similar to once again the doc martens I wore the crap out of in high school. I'm telling you, as much as people say they grow out of things from high school, it pretty much isn't true. We carry the same taste in very similar ways forever.

In case you are wondering that's the Trashcan Sinatras in the background. Best band in the world!


So, I've discussed all the shoes I don't own pretty much. So, what is in my closet you may wonder...

I've had these shoes for such a long time. I keep shoes that I hardly wear for years, I don't like to mess up good shoes. These shoes don't blend in with my everyday clothes, they are more along the stylish side of my closet. My artful shoes I call them.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nicely Polished

These are so sleek. I've got a closet full of clothes that would match up nicely with them. I'm waiting for the sale.... ;)

Oxford Style Women's shoe- Dolce Vita

I'm a huge fan of the men's oxford style shoe converted into a women's shoe. It's so vintage and I admire vintage. I like the frayed edges around the inside. The only thing really bugging me about this Dolce Vita shoe is the heel, it's so steep and thin for such a round front shoe. I think it needs to be 1/4 of inch wider. I just can't imagine a nice smooth walk in this shoe.

Dolce and Gabbana's 2008 Shoes

I'm not just a boot fanatic, I have a love for all shoe types. Let's examine Dolce and Gabbana's 2008 line, stylish meets elegant with a hint of prude. ;) You can get both of these shoes for just under $2,500. Or you can be like me and just sigh....

Weitzman Boot

This has always been my style. In high school, I owned the Doc Marten version of this and though my doc look was more rugged which suited my age at the time, this is a more sophisticated polished version of a look I've always had and suits my age now. Unfortunately, yes, another pair of really nice boots that has managed to escape my fingers..... I've seen so many boots wanting to imitate the look, but with the right soft leather, nicely curve style to the foot of the boot and elegant lace up combo is what works for this Weitzman boot.

I still own the doc martens, see picture, these are so old and I'm afraid to get rid of them now, since the UK Doc Marten shut their doors and sold the brand to Thailand and since they don't use real leather to make their boots, you get a really crappy boot made of practically plastic. I own the real thing, solid UK leather tuff as steal and with the stamp. My old docs are worth some money on ebay, I just haven't got around to putting them up on there.

Fendi Boots and Purse....drool...

Fendi made me drool when they took a swing at me with this combo. Are you serious? I would be one stylish babe in these boots and matching purse. We are talking Fendi and Fendi is out of my league.

Suede Boots that Work...

I have this theory about suede, most of the time it looks faded and just ugly and unless it is a jacket the material just isn't that attractive in skirts, pants or shoes but I have to say this boot is working the suede quit nicely. Anthro introduced these last year, and as you can imagine the price is meant for some one that can toss $700 around in their leisure time. I'm not that person. :(

Unique and that is what I am

This was another shoe that was on my must have list, like an idiot I didn't need to wait for the sale on them, they weren't that expensive to begin with. Perhaps I like to test my fate and see if I was meant to own them. I wasn't, the sale came and went just as fast as the shoe did. Sigh......

I love this style so much, I just love uniqueness, that's me.....