Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weitzman Boot

This has always been my style. In high school, I owned the Doc Marten version of this and though my doc look was more rugged which suited my age at the time, this is a more sophisticated polished version of a look I've always had and suits my age now. Unfortunately, yes, another pair of really nice boots that has managed to escape my fingers..... I've seen so many boots wanting to imitate the look, but with the right soft leather, nicely curve style to the foot of the boot and elegant lace up combo is what works for this Weitzman boot.

I still own the doc martens, see picture, these are so old and I'm afraid to get rid of them now, since the UK Doc Marten shut their doors and sold the brand to Thailand and since they don't use real leather to make their boots, you get a really crappy boot made of practically plastic. I own the real thing, solid UK leather tuff as steal and with the stamp. My old docs are worth some money on ebay, I just haven't got around to putting them up on there.

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