Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nanette Lapore Skirt Line..

I'm loving the details on Nanette Lapore's skirt line. You can find these pretty skirts at Nordstroms.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Summer Outfit

This is my ideal comfy outfit.

7 for all of mankind boyfriend jeans
Fox Pleated Top
Apepazza Sandals

Apepazza Boot

These boots are by Apepazza. I got these 2 years ago from Nordstroms and lucky enough to get them for less than $100 when the original price on them was $249.00. I love them, the quality of leather is so soft, I love the wedge, the buckle at the top and the slight fringe detail on them. These fit my slender foot like a glove. These are one of my favorite boots that I own and I have 2 other boots that are on my favorite list I've yet to post about. These pair nicely with skirts, capri's, denim and leggings I love that about them.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guess Boot

So, I got myself a pair of boots that was originally $159 but marked down to $51! Here's the story about these ankle boots. I first noticed them at a fashion site that would not give me the brand name. Sadly, why would you post shoes and not tell anyone what brand they are? I figured I'd never own such cute boots. That is until I found this fashionable site called Fashion Chalet. After seeing her post on these boots and with beautiful photography from every angle of that boot I had to have them. This post made a shoe fetish gal like myself hungry to buy them. I ordered them but I am so impatient waiting for them.....I want my shoes UPS man! I've already selected a few outfits I could possibly wear them with. My door step is my new favorite hang out.....I'm stalking the UPS man...

My Nine West Boots..

When you have a shoe fetish there is something about a particular shoe that draws you in, and you find yourself buying many shoes that revolve around that one special thing about them. I love lace up boots, wedges, and details on a shoe. I'm a sucker for them, but the boot needs to be clean cut, the heel height can vary in size, but the sleek pulled together look on a lace up boot is what gets me at first glance. It needs to be leather, good quality leather too.

As I have found to be the story with these beautiful dark bronze color ones by Nine West....sophisticated yet stylish. I believe I can call them vintage now because I'm pretty sure these are 10 years old now. Vintage right? I'm starting to own stuff I bought originally new that is now vintage. I think of it as, I've reached the "Sex And The City," age. Fashion trendy, drinks, money, style. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

JLO Sandal

So, Summer is on it's way why am I posting all these winter shoes right? We'll because fall and winter shoes are my favorite. Sandals are sandals unless they are by Balmain right? Balmain has the habit of making just about anything glamorous. I can't say I own any kind of sandal that is all that? I know the latest rage is the gladiator sandal but I haven't even got myself a pair yet or maybe I won't, I'm still undecided if I like them. Sandals to me, are either classy and something you wear with a cocktail dress or down to the flip flop comfy beach wear. I just don't have too many of the in between sandals...

My fetish is more for boots than anything else and I have lots to post in that department. However, I do own these pretty wedges by JLO , I got them at least 5 years ago if not longer. I've worn them twice. Considering I got pregnant two years ago that killed my chance at wearing any of my cute shoes for the duration of my pregnancy time and a few months after as well. I love the 4.5 inch height in them, they make me 5'10 tall.
I'm so glad I don't have wide or flat feet that would just be devastating because I don't think they make too many shoes for people with that problem.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I caught a glimpse of these AKIKO OGAWA BOOTS over at Jak and Jill blog, they are so trendy. It looks like the toe has a bit of an arch on them, I wonder if these are comfortable....

Diamonds are a girls bestfriend even more so if the clothes wear them :)

I'm drooling..for these dresses I spotted over at Crystal Baller site...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I know...shoe addiction....

Most of the shoes in my closet are years old but look new because I own too many shoes to wear them all out. The last pair of shoes I bought was 4 months ago. It's not that I lost my passion to shop, I just have more fun shopping for my little one now.

Here are some older posts I did on the shoes I own.. and I love these casual combat boots too many people I know cringe at the thought of wearing a combat boot, I love them! I've got about 20 more shoes in my closet ....but that's for a later post.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jessica Simpson's Patent Shoe

These are by Jessica Simpson though I'm not too familiar with her brand of shoes, I really like this pair. What I love about them is the button detail, the stretchy fabric under neath that pulls this design into a sleek shoe. The silver version on these shoes were gorgeous but once again I lucked out and settled for black. This fun shoe pairs with everything....
I love details on a shoe, and the buttons are what makes this shoe classy. I've paired this up in all black and white clothing to even a black bucket the look.

Buttons, Ruffles....Boots....Corsets....

I got this boot for $60! How often do you find boots for $60? Winter end clearance is the only time right, but in my popular size 8? I'm just rarely ever lucky. I love the button and ruffle detail on these Restricted boots and to have a pretty patent finish on the toe of the boot. lovely... These boots sort of remind me of the Victorian Era Button Up Granny boots but more pretty with this lushes brown color..

I love the Victorian era, it was the most classy yet stylish time in fashion. The corsets played a key roll, though they did try to make a comeback in the years passed, but the designers where trying to make the corset a slutty fashion trend instead of bringing it back with class as it was first intended in making the waist line much thinner yet making it glamorous. I would love to see the corset come back with class again...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's In My Closet......

It's been awhile since I've displayed pictures of some of the shoes I own...

This is currently one of my favorite owned shoes and purse. I love glossy deep red patent...
The gold details mixed with this deep wine color on these shoes by Naughty Monkey left me breathless.....than to stumble on this purse sitting in a boutique a week later made my jaw dropped as I immediately thought about these shoes...

How lucky am I? The shoe should always meet the purse half way. :)

Fashion and Photography Inspiration

I love fashion blogs, they give me inspiration to have fun with my fashion pieces. To name a few, The Sartorialist who started the trend of taking photographs of fashion trendy's all over New York and Paris and have since than grabbed a whole new audience replicating what he started. Another fun blog is Doe Deere Blogmagazine, she is so beautiful, her line of Lime Crime makeup is so trendy, from glimmering shadows to instructions on how to grab those fantastic makeup applications she puts together. It's makeup art! My latest find of really fabulous fashion blogs is Kingdom of Style, Cute and artistic fashion trends from clothes, accessories to trendy decorating finds. I think the photography on her site is beautiful too, images I'd like to learn to capture on my camera, though I am trying it's sites like hers that give me inspiration to keep trying. Another popular channel of blogs I'm into is Jack and Jill, who keeps me updated on the latest yet most trendy of shoe and fashion craze among the designers and models. Finally, the last one I just started tuning into this week is Fashiontoast and what I love about it is her expression of fashion is innovated.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sea Of Shoes

I love Sea of Shoes, she is the most stylish 18 year old I'd ever set my eyes on. I think everyone that loves fashion probably already knows about her blog. I know she gives me inspiration to go pull out some of my vintage pieces and mix and match and play dress up with my closet. The fact that I have a shoe fetish really doesn't help me after finding her just makes my addiction to shoes even more dangerous.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Crystal Embelished Balmain jacket

Okay....let's let it be know I love Balmain! This is an incredibly gorgeous jacket that retails for $11,000!

I'm salivating for this piece....

Beautiful Balmain Sandal

Finally, the last shoe I'm going to lust over Balmain..

Gems on my feet....I love my feet what better way to shoe off my slender foot.

Dolce and Gabbana's Unique Shoes

Dolce and Gabbana is one brand that makes the most unique looking shoes. If I had that kind of cash, I'd buy these...

Halston Boot

I definitely like the idea of skin and cut out boot transformations. It was like the time era when ripped jeans made their statement, trashy but hip.
Retails for $1,695.00

Balmain Sandal

If I owned these, I'd be peeking in my closet every day at them. Waiting for my moment to unleash them from captivity and to prance around in them as if they were Cinderella shoes. More like..... Cinderella gone bad shoes... ;) I love the silver details on the sandal.
Retails for $1,745.00


Match this jacket up with these Fendi Panel Ankle Boots.

This would be my prized possession jacket and boot set if I owned them.....*&^&^%^ beautiful jacket...

I love European brands..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are You A Clutch Girl?

There's not much need for a clutch, unless your dressing up and you do it often. This clutch by Stuart Weitzman is beautiful, it's gorgeous shiny patent with lipstick red layers is oh so flattering with the perfect cocktail dress.

The Scarf...

I love this look, there' something very classy about a scarf to complete the look. I'm picky about the scarf though, I've noticed lately on some tops in the mall the scarf comes with the blouse you purchase. Those are dainty scarves, thin and plain fabric without much of a design. I've seen plenty of cute ones at Nordstrom and like this one from Anthro.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sam Elderman

I love wedge shoes or sandals with design.....
Nordstom's brought out these pretty babies that would look fabulous with cropped jeans. These trendy wedges are by Sam Elderman.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Black and White Oxford

I'm in love with these oxfords, love. After searching high and size has become extinct.... sigh....double sigh...