Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guess Boot

So, I got myself a pair of boots that was originally $159 but marked down to $51! Here's the story about these ankle boots. I first noticed them at a fashion site that would not give me the brand name. Sadly, why would you post shoes and not tell anyone what brand they are? I figured I'd never own such cute boots. That is until I found this fashionable site called Fashion Chalet. After seeing her post on these boots and with beautiful photography from every angle of that boot I had to have them. This post made a shoe fetish gal like myself hungry to buy them. I ordered them but I am so impatient waiting for them.....I want my shoes UPS man! I've already selected a few outfits I could possibly wear them with. My door step is my new favorite hang out.....I'm stalking the UPS man...

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