Wednesday, April 22, 2009

JLO Sandal

So, Summer is on it's way why am I posting all these winter shoes right? We'll because fall and winter shoes are my favorite. Sandals are sandals unless they are by Balmain right? Balmain has the habit of making just about anything glamorous. I can't say I own any kind of sandal that is all that? I know the latest rage is the gladiator sandal but I haven't even got myself a pair yet or maybe I won't, I'm still undecided if I like them. Sandals to me, are either classy and something you wear with a cocktail dress or down to the flip flop comfy beach wear. I just don't have too many of the in between sandals...

My fetish is more for boots than anything else and I have lots to post in that department. However, I do own these pretty wedges by JLO , I got them at least 5 years ago if not longer. I've worn them twice. Considering I got pregnant two years ago that killed my chance at wearing any of my cute shoes for the duration of my pregnancy time and a few months after as well. I love the 4.5 inch height in them, they make me 5'10 tall.
I'm so glad I don't have wide or flat feet that would just be devastating because I don't think they make too many shoes for people with that problem.

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