Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Nine West Boots..

When you have a shoe fetish there is something about a particular shoe that draws you in, and you find yourself buying many shoes that revolve around that one special thing about them. I love lace up boots, wedges, and details on a shoe. I'm a sucker for them, but the boot needs to be clean cut, the heel height can vary in size, but the sleek pulled together look on a lace up boot is what gets me at first glance. It needs to be leather, good quality leather too.

As I have found to be the story with these beautiful dark bronze color ones by Nine West....sophisticated yet stylish. I believe I can call them vintage now because I'm pretty sure these are 10 years old now. Vintage right? I'm starting to own stuff I bought originally new that is now vintage. I think of it as, I've reached the "Sex And The City," age. Fashion trendy, drinks, money, style. :)

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