Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thigh High Boots For 2009

I love the idea of a Thigh High Boot, I don't own a single pair and would love to have at least one pair to my boot collection. I'm madly in love with Luis Vuitton's version as commented in my last post but among other really fashionable finds are these by Rodarte, let me just say Grey is not a color I'm fond of but I'm willing to work these into my closet. I think the idea of the Thigh High boot is for women to get rid of their pants. I've read, women are wearing mere tights and a long top with these thigh high boots and clearly "leaving the house without the pants." How trendy? I love the idea, at the same point I wonder if the look can be screwed up pretty bad by looking like a first class hooker. I think if you know how to porportion the thigh high boot in with the longer tops and shorter length dress and tights it can be pulled off. I'm not sure if a person shorter in length would be able to work this look without looking like the boots are pulled up to the waist. I don't know, I haven't seen it but I can't imagine it also.

These boots have plentiful straps and that makes me love them!

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