Saturday, May 2, 2009

Boutique Shoez

I got these at Shoez boutique at least 3 years ago. I haven't bought a sandal in over 2 years, because of my pregnancy and because it's difficult to shop with a two year old. I saw this boutique go up a few miles from my house and I wanted to check it out. Her store was just full of really unique off the wall shoes, imported from France. Expensive though but I remember seeing these on her sale rack and thought I'd give the price tag a glimpse. I was lucky to snatch them at a deal.

My daughter is going to be so lucky when I pass my collection of shoes on to her which will be really cute vintage shoes by the time she gets them. The goodwill will get my worn out shoes but my daughter will get all my babies. I remember when my mom passed some of her boots down to me from the 70's, so freaking cool. Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to take very good care of them, I destroyed them by wearing them in rain and mud. Till this day I could kick myself for not taking good care of them. I use to get so many compliments on them.

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