Monday, May 4, 2009

Vintage 4 Buckle Boot

Don't these buckle wedge sandals rock? I love them! Saw them on Jack and Jill blog.

My oldest boot in my closet and though I was fond of it way back 15 years ago, I've got much to complain about it now. I guess our taste does change over the years, what I don't like about this boot is the 2 inch wedge, do they even make many shoes with a 2 inch wedge? I'm not digging the square toe either. I noticed these expensive sandals resembling the buckle so I guess it is a trend that has transcended into a sandal. I'd still wear these but I have far more attractive boots in my closet. I haven't any idea who makes it as the brand name in the shoe is not visible. I'm pretty sure this was a Victoria's Secret catalogue purchase.

Which leaves me to this question, at what point do you send a shoe on it's way? Deliver it to the Rescue Mission or dump it in the trash? I know sandals go quickly, I don't like the foot imprint that appears on sandals after little use.
I had a pair of converse looking sneakers that had a nice 4 inch wedge on them, they were by Guess I loved them so much I wore the crap out of them. The wedge lost it's balance. When I put them in the Goodwill box, I pulled them out several times. Finally, I had to remind myself just how awful they look now. Now I'm seeing all these brands doing the wedge on a sneaker, I got rid of mine 2 years ago.

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